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Second post of this little series. While I was using my CCNP SWITCH lab for testing many different protocols, I “showed” and saved the output of those protocols as well. Refer to the lab overview of my last post in order to understand those outputs.

I basically saved them as a reference for myself in case I am interested in the information revealed by them. I won’t explain any details of the protocols nor the outputs here. Just many listings. Fly over them and reflect yourself whether you would understand anything. ;) Here we go:

At first here are the show running-config outputs of all 7 involved Cisco devices for download. Please note that there are some more configuration commands present that are not related to the pcap trace such as port-security, storm-control, dhcp snooping, etc.

And here are the various show commands for many different protocols, dependent on the router/switches I used them in my lab.

Router R1a: show standby brief, show cdp neighbors, show ntp associations, show snmp, show ip sla responder, show adjacency, show adjacency […] detail

Router R2: show ip route, show ipv6 route, show ip dhcp binding, show ip sla configuration 260720081, show ip sla statistics 260720081

Note the routes that have two distinct next hops due to the two HSRP routers.

Switch S1: show vlan brief, show vtp status, show lldp neighbors, show spanning-tree vlan 121, show monitor detail, show etherchannel summary, show ip dhcp snooping binding, show ip arp, show ip arp inspection, show udld neighbors, show interfaces trunk, show interfaces fa0/18

Switch S2: show cdp neighbors, show etherchannel summary, show lacp neighbor, show vtp status, show vtp password, show dtp interface gi0/1, show spanning-tree summary, show spanning-tree vlan 121

Switch S3: show mac address-table, show port-security address, show interfaces status, show errdisable detect

Switch S4: show sdm prefer, show spanning-tree vlan 121, show power inline, show platform tcam utilization

Note the Root ID Cost of 23 which is 19 + 4 since it has a 100 Mbps link to S1 and then a 1 Gbps link to S2 which is root. Also note that this is a PoE switch with two connected devices.

For more posts about routing/switching you can follow the Routing” or “Switching” categories concerning various firewall/router vendors, or the “Cisco Router“/”Cisco Switch” tags for posts related to Cisco stuff.

Featured image: “DSC06337_stitch” by Steve Harwood is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0.

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