DDIUGv3: Certificate Transparency Disclosure

Quite spontaneous I gave a small talk on the 3rd german DDI (DHCP/DNS/IPAM) user group which took place on June, 17th, 2021. (I was asked to do a talk just two days before the meeting.) It’s based on my blog post about accidental hostname disclosure through the certificate transparency log. To be honest, there’s not much more information in the slides than in my initial blog post. ;D

However, here are the slides (PDF) for the sake of completeness:

That’s it. ;)

Allen deutschen Lesern meines Blogs die sich im Themengebiet DNS, DHCP oder IPAM aufhalten kann ich also diese Usergruppe empfehlen. Immer wieder gut, mit Gleichgesinnten (und ohne Marketing) über fachliche Themen zu sprechen.

Danke an Andreas Taudte fürs Organisieren!

Featured image “Siegel” by Tim Reckmann is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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