FortiGate Syslog via TLS

As we have just set up a TLS capable syslog server, let’s configure a Fortinet FortiGate firewall to send syslog messages via an encrypted channel (TLS). Let’s go:

I am using a Fortinet FortiGate (FortiWiFi) FWF-61E with FortiOS v6.4.7 build1911 (GA) for this tutorial. My syslog-ng server with version 3.13.2 is running on Ubuntu 18.04.6 LTS.

You cannot configure any syslog server details (rather than the address itself) via the GUI on this so-called “Next Generation Firewall”. Log & Report -> Log Settings -> Remote Logging and Archiving:

Hence we have to use the CLI:

Some notes:

  • You can’t “set enc-algorithm high” unless you have “set mode reliable”.
  • You don’t have to “set port 6514” manually because it is set automatically by doing the “set enc-algorithm high” command.
  • Using an FQDN as the server (as I did in the listing), the FortiGate will use legacy IP though an AAAA record is present. If you want to use IPv6 you must use an IPv6 address here.
  • ;)
  • Official Fortinet CLI reference

If your syslog server uses a self-signed or untrusted certificate it won’t work right now. This is good from a security point of view. You’ll see the following syslog messages on your syslog server: “tlsv1 alert unknown ca”:

Or looking at it with Wireshark you’ll see this “Alert Message”:

Import the syslog x.509 certificate at System -> Certificates -> Import -> CA Certificate:

Logging via TLS will immediately start after that. No further configuration is needed.

Confirmed with Wireshark again: “Change Cipher Spec” followed by Application Data. Nice!

Very good. Keep in mind that you should not use unencrypted management protocols at all. Hence this one here is a step in the right direction.

Photo by Robin Spielmann on Unsplash.

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