Infoblox Features & Licenses Naming Clarity

Working with Infoblox can be challenging when it comes to their naming of features, licenses, marketing slides, and GUI options. So let’s bring some clarity into this chaos. :D I have listed the most common DNS security features and their corresponding Infoblox names. I hope you folks can use it as well.

I am focussing on the DNS security features here only. Not on core NS1 Grid, NetMRI, and so on.

response policy zone RPZ trigger & actionDNS Firewall DFWsee leftDNS -> Response Policy Zones
RPZ feed for malware blocking (recursive DNS server)ActiveTrust AT
Threat Intelligence
see left
(includes DFW for RPZ)
see above
DNS exfiltration/tunneling blocking (recursive DNS server)Threat Insight TIThreat Anlytics TA (requires DFW or AT for RPZ)Grid -> Threat Analytics
Data Management -> Threat Analytics
DDos & exploit defense (authoritative DNS server)Advanced DNS Protection (v)ADPThreat Protection & Threat Protection UpdateGrid -> Threat Protection
Data Management -> Security

Please note that at least the “TI” acronym is used twice, cause it can be either “Threat Intelligence” or “Threat Insight”. To my mind it’s better to omit those acronyms at all while using the full two/three words when talking about it.

Features I have not listed here:

  • DNS Traffic Control (DTC): Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB)
  • Cybersecurity Ecosystem: Outbound API
  • ActiveTrust Cloud (ATC): DNSaaS

Merry christmas everyone! ??? Christ is born. That’s what it’s all about!

Featured image “Buntstifte” by Dennis Skley is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0.

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