IPv6 Crash Course @ SharkFest’22 EUROPE

Fortunately, there was a SharkFest – the “Wireshark Developer and User Conference” – this year in Europe again. I was there and gave an IPv6 Crash Course likewise. Yeah! It’s my favourite topic, you know. 75 minutes full of content, hence the name crash course.

Here are my slides as well as the video recording. If you want a crash course for IPv6, here we go:

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(The camera was moved to a better position after a few  minutes.)

Download of the slides:

Topics covered

  • legacy IP problems which IPv6 solves
  • IPv6 addresses: representation, abbreviations, link-local, GUA, basic subnet sizes
  • IPv6 address assignment: static, stateful DHCPv6, SLAAC (RS, RA, DAD) with or without stateless DHCPv6, RDNSS, privacy extensions
  • link-layer address resolution: NS, NA, solicited-node multicast address
  • Wireshark display filters & coloring rules, ICMPv6 everywhere
  • routing: static, OSPFv3, MP-BGP
  • security: differences/challenges compared to legacy IP
  • tips about where to start
  • transition period: DNS64 & NAT64
  • FAQs: disabling IPv6? ULAs?
  • literature, links, podcasts, blogs, mailing lists
  • stickers?

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Photo by Gerald Schömbs on Unsplash.

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