IPv6 Upper Layer Protocol Samples

Some time ago I published a pcap that can be used to study basic IPv6 protocol messages such as ICMPv6 for Router Advertisements, Neighbor Solicitations, etc.: “Basic IPv6 Messages: Wireshark Capture“. You can use it to learn the basic IPv6 address assignment and layer 2 address resolution. However, that pcap does not include any upper layer protocols.

This time I captured a few application layer protocols that I used over IPv6 rather than over legacy IP. Common user protocols such as DNS, HTTP/S, IMAP, SMTP (with STARTTLS), as well as some network administration protocols: SSH, SNMP, and Ping. It is not that interesting at all ;) though you can use it to have some examples for Wireshark to prove that those application protocols are almost the same when run above IPv6 compared to IPv4.

TL;DR: Nothing special to see here. Almost all upper layer protocols such as DNS, HTTP, IMAP, … behave the same when used with IPv6. To all admins out there: Don’t be scared. You just have to learn the addresses. (Among others.)

Download the following pcap (zipped, 21 KB) and open it with Wireshark:

The eight protocols are already listed above. Here are some Wireshark screenshots. But again, nothing “strange” to see here, just the normal protocols above IPv6.

(Yes, you can read out the SNMP aka “Security Not My Problem” community string as well as the IMAP login/password. Feel free to post it in the comments section. ;))

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Featured image “Bunte Chemie I” by Rolf van Melis is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

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