Juniper ScreenOS Firewall autocorrects Route Entries

I was a bit confused today as I saw a “wrong” route entry in the config of an SSG firewall. The route had not the correct “network/netmask” notation but a “host-address/netmask-of-the-network” notation. However, the SSG autocorrected this false route entry to the correct subnet id in its routing table.

The case was to create a route to the network “″. However, the entry was falsified set to “″, i.e., a wrong network address. This command (issued through NSM) was placed in the config of the SSG:

However, the SSG autocorrected this entry to the correct subnet id, as the “get route” command revealed:

The GUI showed the correct destination routing, too:

Juniper ScreenOS autocorrect Route Entry


Anyway, I decided to correct the route in the NSM to the right one. ;)

Featured image “colours ( #cc)” by Martin Fisch is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

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