Juniper ScreenOS NSRP: Configuration via GUI, NSM, and CLI

Short step-by-step screenshot guide for an initial configuration of NSRP on two Juniper ScreenOS firewalls, such as the SSGs. One screenshot pack for the https GUI and another one for the Network and Security Manager (NSM) since I am always searching for the positions of the commands on it. Finally, I am listing the appropriate CLI commands.

Remember that you must have two ScreenOS devices of the same hardware model and software version. Furthermore, at least a single interface on both devices should have the same virtual IP while both have different manage IPs. In that way, both devices are accessible after building the cluster.

The following commands have two HA interfaces configured (eth0/0 and eth0/1). Furthermore, two monitored interfaces were configured: eth0/8 and eth0/9.


SSG140, 6.3.0r17.0:


Version 2012.R3:


NSRP commands on the master device:



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