Policy-Based Routing on ScreenOS with different Virtual Routers

I already puslished a blog post concerning policy-based routing on a Juniper firewall within the same virtual router (VR). For some reasons, I was not able to configure PBR correctly when using multiple VRs. Now it works. ;) So, here are the required steps:

(This document from Juniper explains it all. I just made a few screenshots.)

My lab looks like that:

Juniper ScreenOS PBR with different VRs

The steps are quite similar to the PBR guide without multiple VRs. However, the “action group” must be set WITHOUT a “next-interface”. This CANNOT be done through the WebGUI, because it ALWAYS sets the “next-interface”, even if the checkmark is not checked! You MUST use the CLI such as this:

After this, the WebGUI correctly shows this entry without the next-interface. There is a “Note” on the Juniper page that exactly describes this for early ScreenOS 5.3/5.4 versions. However, in my current 6.3.0.r19 version, this is still the case. Furthermore, instead of the self-referenced host route I am using a default route ( to the next-hop value, since it actually is my default router. With this default route, the PBR on the trust-vr works even without this so called self-referenced host route inside the untrust-vr. (Of course, there might be scenarios in which the next-hop value is not the default router. In these situations, you must configure this self-referenced host route.)

Here we go. Refer to the descriptions under the screenshots for more details:

The complete CLI commands (without policies/NAT) are the following:



Featured image “sunshine” by mabi.photography is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0.

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