SharkFest’19 EUROPE: IPv6 Crash Course

I gave a session about IPv6 at SharkFest’19 EUROPE, the annual Wireshark developer and user community conference, named “IPv6 Crash Course: Understanding IPv6 as seen on the wire“. The talk is about the IPv6 basics, which are: IPv6 addresses & address assignment, link-layer address resolution, and ICMPv6. Tips for using Wireshark coloring rules and display filters round things up.

As I have not yet published the slides, here they are. Unfortunately, we were not able to record the session due to technical problems. Neither the video nor the audio. ;( Hence, here are only mere slides.

(Yes, I know that Sharkfest’19 was about 5 months ago. ;) Sorry. Time flies by…)

Note that this post is one of many related to IPv6. Click here for a structured list.

This is the slide deck:

The two referenced PCAPs within the slides are those:

A little after the talk I enhanced the “IPv4 vs. IPv6 comparison” graphics and published them here: I Love IPv6 Addressing!

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