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Blog Financing

Let me post some words about financial issues concerning this blog. Well, it’s kind of annoying. I am writing blogposts for fun in my free time because I want to document my work in a proper way and I want to “give something back” to the community. It is not my primary goal to earn money with this blog at all.

However, I have some costs for hosting as well as for the equipment within my laboratory. For this purpose, I placed ads by Google AdSense inside my articles. 2-3 banners; depending on the size of the blogposts. Unfortunately, this brings only about 70 cents per day. ;( This is really not that much and does not suffice for the costs. What’s the problem? All of us (including me *g*) have adblockers installed. I know I know. Furthermore, no employee will donate to my blog, since companies simply don’t have a need to donate. And why should an admin donate from his private pocket?

Hence I have one request for you:

If you’re reading my blog regularly, please be fair and turn off your adblocker. Or even better: donate a couple of Euros. ;) I would really appreciate it. Thanks a lot! –> https://www.paypal.me/webernetz <–

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The first 5 Years of Blog.Webernetz.net

Today my blog celebrates its 5th birthday as I published my Master Thesis about IPv6 Security on the 6th of May, 2013. Wow. When I started back then I did not expect that I will blog almost once a week for that many years and that the blog gets that many readers. ;)

With this blogpost I’ll give you some insights about the stats of the blog and some plans for the future. Furthermore I am highly interested in comments from you. What do you think about the blog in general? What is good, what could I improve? Where do you agree or disagree. Please write some comments to give me some feedback. Thanks a lot!

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Happy Birthday to my Blog! :D

Yeah, exactly one year ago I published my first blog post, my IPv6 Security Master Thesis. Though I thought that I won’t publish that many articles furthermore, I continued to write blog posts. Now, one year later, I have published 54 articles – more than 1 article per week. Wow. So it’s time to say. Happy Birthday to my Blog! :D

For those who are interested: In this post I am showing a few statistics, list my used WordPress plugins and will give a short preview to upcoming blog posts.

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