TROOPERS18: Dynamic IPv6 Prefix Problems and VPNs

Just a few days ago I gave a talk at Troopers 18 in Heidelberg, Germany, about the problems of dynamic (non-persistent) IPv6 prefixes, as well as IPv6 VPNs in general. Following are my slides and the video of the talk:

You can watch the complete session at YouTube:

Some more information about this talk are listed at the Troopers site.

You can download the slides as PDF here:

And you can also try to solve the challenge that I asked for during this talk:

For some more (detailed) blogposts you can have a look at these:

And this is the official photo showing me during the talk (available at Flickr):


Cheers. ;)

Note that this post is one of many related to IPv6. Click here for a structured list.

Featured image “TROOPERS13_by_Philipp_Kuelker158” by TROOPERS Conference is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

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