UK IPv6 Council Spring 2020: Incorrect Working IPv6 Clients & Networks

I did a short presentation at the spring 2020 roundtable of the UK IPv6 Council. The talk was about a case study I did with my NTP server listed in the NTP Pool project: For 66 days I captured all NTP requests for IPv6 and legacy IP while analyzing the returning ICMPv6/ICMPv4 error messages. (A much longer period than my initial capture for 24 hours.) Following are my presentation slides along with the results.

At first, here are the slides (PDF):

If you’re only interested in the mere results, here is a short summary:

  • dual-stacked public stratum 1 NTP server at respectively
  • listed with 10 Mbps for each Internet Protocol at the NTP Pool
  • captured for 66 days
  • note: only 1 out of 5 DNS names from * is handing out AAAA records
  • but there are roughly 2x more IPv4 servers in the pool
Number of NTP Packets
Distribution of ICMP Errors
Distribution NTP Clients

PS: A more detailed version of this presentation was initially planned for TROOPERS 20, which was canceled for obvious reasons. ;( Maybe I am re-running this study again (for a longer period?) and will submit this talk for #TR21. It would have more details about the capturing process, the tools used for analyzing the messages (tshark among others), and further strange investigations.

Photo by James Lee on Unsplash.

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