I had some ideas about stickers and actually produced them. ;D Luckily I have some friends that are able to work with Adobe products to greatly support me in those ideas. Thank you, guys! Otherwise, those stickers wouldn’t have become a reality. So, here they are:

NAT -> IPv6

Besides the huge address space, the main (and emotional) advantage of IPv6 is the elimination of NAT. ;) That’s what this sticker is all about.

Networker’s Acronym Paradise

In many situations, I have to laugh about the extensive use of acronyms within the IT sector. Even in the networker’s world, there are hundreds of those. Hence the idea for this acronym paradise. This sticker shows more than 400 words in different sizes, depending on how they are commonly used. Some of them are stricken through as the protocols or techniques shouldn’t be used anymore. And there are at least 3 easter-eggs waiting for you:

How to get those Stickers?

Follow me on Twitter to find me at network/security conferences in Europe such as TROOPERS or SharkFest. Or send me a message somehow. If you’re paying for the shipping, I’ll send you some.

Seen on Twitter

Here are some examples of those stickers seen on various Laptops. Please ping me if you have any more photos of it. Appreciating!

Photo by Melissa Keizer on Unsplash.

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