This is a list of IPv6-related articles on my blog, sorted by topic. I highlighted some of the more interesting ones. ;)

Basics & ISP Connections


DNS64 & NAT64

Upcoming! Stay tuned. ;)

Site-to-Site VPNs



Dynamic Prefixes / DHCPv6-PD

Traceability of IPv6 Nodes


Featured image: “Today’s latte, World IPv6 Launch.” by Yuko Honda is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

3 thoughts on “IPv6

  1. I like your site. That’s saying a lot as I’m over 60 and have been networking since the 8080. Plus I do html as a hobby, and believe SIMPLE = better = fast. Your site is ‘less-worse’ than others. there’s lots I don’t know and care for though, like pre-fetching and google. They have their dirty little hands in everyone’s pockets, selling their ‘added value’ which is garbage IMHO.

    Do you have your own server ?
    Do your own programming ?
    Use a compiler ?
    Just curious.

    Have you been to cisco’s site lately ? It has got to be the WORST, the slowest, the choppiest, unresponsive site there ever was. 20 years ago web sites were much better.

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