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NTP Authentication on Pulse Connect Secure

I initially wanted to show how to use NTP authentication on a Pulse Connect Secure. Unfortunately, it does not support NTP over IPv6, which is mandatory for my lab. Ok, after I calmed down a bit, a configured it with legacy IP and got NTP authentication running. ;) Here’s how:

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MRTG/Routers2: Template Juniper SA/MAG

I am monitoring an (old) SA-2000 cluster of Juniper Secure Access devices with my MRTG/Routers2 system. With the JUNIPER-IVE-MIB I built the configuration file for that monitoring system. In this blog post, I show the graphs generated with MRTG/Routers2 and publish my cfg file as a template.

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Pulse Connect Secure: Easy Deployment Poster

For a beginner, the configuration of a Juniper Secure Access SA/MAG Pulse Connect Secure device is not that simple. There are too many options and links that must be filled in. Though there are quite detailed configuration guides I was missing a “quick start” figure to see which profiles, roles, etc. must be set in order to have a simple login and group membership environment.

Here comes my at-a-glance poster for the Pulse Connect Secure SSL-VPN gateway.

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