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Network Time Security – Strengths & Weaknesses

This is a guest blogpost by Martin Langer, Ph.D. student for “Secured Time Synchronization Using Packet-Based Time Protocols” at Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences, Germany.

The Network Time Security protocol (NTS) is close to completion as an Internet standard and will replace the existing security mechanisms in NTP. The introductory article on NTS describes the basic communication process as well as the most important features. Despite high-security efforts, NTS also has its limitations. In this blogpost, I list the strengths and weaknesses of the new authentication mechanism and describe them briefly.

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IPv6 Security – An Overview

I wrote a very small summary of my IPv6 Security master thesis which gives an introduction to several IPv6 security issues. People that are interested in IPv6 security are welcome to read this summary prior to study the whole master thesis. In this way, they will get an overview of IPv6 security issues before they are flooded with too many details. ;) I wrote this article for the RIPE Labs (published here), but since it gives a good overview about my thesis, I publish it here, too.

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IPv6 Security Master Thesis

Hello world,

with this post I want to publish my own master thesis which I finished in February 2013 about the topic “IPv6 Security Test Laboratory”. (I studied the Master of IT-Security at the Ruhr-Uni Bochum.) I explained many IPv6 security issues in detail and tested three firewalls (Cisco ASA, Juniper SSG, Palo Alto PA) against all these IPv6 security attacks.

[UPDATE]Before reading the huge master thesis, this overview of IPv6 Security may be a good starting point for IPv6 security issues.[/UPDATE]


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