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RTTs with different ISPs

Just a short post this time, but an interesting fact concerning different Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and their routing to/from other countries. I have a customer in Germany that has a remote office in France, connected via a site-to-site VPN. Around April last year the french office decided to change the ISP to a cheaper competitor that offers the same speed/bandwidth and therefore has no disadvantages… Well, I disagree.

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Ping-Zeiten der FRITZ!Box unter (Netzwerk-) Last

Hier kommen zwei interessante Graphen von der AVM FRITZ!Box, welche mit einem gängigen DSL-Anschluss im Internet hängt:

  1. Traffic in Richtung Internet mit einem Peak beim Upload
  2. Ping-Antwortzeiten des internen Interfaces mit einem noch viel höherem Peak während des Uploads

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MRTG/Routers2: Measuring Ping Times

MRTG can also evaluate values from external scripts such as the “mrtg-ping-probe” program which returns the round-trip time from the initiated ping command to the specified destination host. With an additional GraphStyle called “range” from Routers2, these ping times can be displayed in the monitoring system. This graph style shows the “min” and “max” RTT in one vertical line instead of two independent lines.

Since there is not much to say about this process, I will only paste my MRTG/Routers2 config for mrtg-ping-probe and will show a few example graphs here.

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