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VoIP Captures

VoIP calls, using the network protocols SIP/SDP and RTP, are the de-facto standard when it comes to voice calls. Wireshark offers some special features to analyze those calls and RTP streams – even with a nice “Play Streams” option, which discretely decodes your calls. Ouch. Again and again, frightening which privacy-related protocols are completely unencrypted on the Internet!

Here are some hints for Wireshark as well as a downloadable pcap with three calls in there. ;) Have fun!

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Apple AirPlay Capture

I was interested in how Apple AirPlay works in my network. I am using an iPad to stream music to a Yamaha R-N500 network receiver. There is a great Unofficial AirPlay Protocol Specification which already shows many details about the used protocols. But since I am a networking guy I captured the whole process in order to analyze it with Wireshark.

Following is a downloadable pcap if you want to have a look at it by yourself as well as some Wireshark and NetworkMiner screenshots for a first glance.

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VoIP von FRITZ!Box über Juniper SSG Firewall

Ich habe bei mir zu Hause die AVM FRITZ!Box als alleinigen Router abgelöst und durch eine Juniper SSG 5 Firewall ersetzt. Die FRITZ!Box ist trotzdem noch vorhanden und steht als IP-Client hinter der Firewall, primär um die Internettelefonie zu 1&1 bereitzustellen. Leider hat es etwas gedauert, bis ich die richtigen Einstellungen herausgefunden hatte, damit die Telefonie auch wirklich in beide Richtungen funktionierte.

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